How to choose stainless steel sinks?

Nov 16, 2022
How to choose stainless steel sinks?

What precautions should be taken when using stainless steel sinks?

1. Clean the stainless steel sink immediately after use, dry it for storage, and try not to let water droplets stay on the surface of the sink, because the water with high iron content will cause rust, and the water with high mineral content will produce white film.

2. If there is mineral precipitation at the bottom of the sink, it can be removed with diluted vinegar and rinsed with water. Do not keep hard or rusty objects in contact with the sink for a long time. Do not leave rubber pans, wet sponges, or cleaning tablets in the sink overnight.

3. Be aware that household products containing fluoride, bleach, food, and cleaning products containing silver and sulfur and hydrochloric acid are potentially harmful to the sink. Be aware that gases released from bleach or chemical cleaners left in the kitchen cabinet can corrode the bottom of the sink.

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